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15+ years’ experience of empowering businesses with innovative web and mobile application technologies

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15+ years’ experience of empowering businesses with innovative web and mobile application technologies


The IT Craft company has been working on the IT market for more than 15 years. We base our work on the principles of openness, predictability and responsibility. We always accomplish all that was promised to our clients, employees or colleagues. We stimulate the growth of skills and potential of our employees, because it’s the growth of the company in the future. Join us to work on a wide range of projects from all around the world.

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JavaScript React Developer

We invite experienced developers on new projects! Projects will be focused on web-development, but we will consider your preferences and try to provide you the opportunity to work with React Native or Node.js projects.

    Basic requirements:
  • 2 years of experience in JavaScript development for web projects (commercial, open source, etc);
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML/CSS syntax;
  • 6 months of experience with React;
  • Ability to break down the large business logic for small components;
  • Experience with NPM / Yarn;
  • Ability to read the description of tasks in English, correct use of English in the source code (names of variables and functions, comments).

    Additional requirements:
  • Problem solving: 3 easy, 2 medium, 5 hard ones from LeetCode website (at one of the interview stages you will have to solve the problem from this website);
  • Knowledge of algorithms for working with trees and graphs (for this job we are looking for developers with different levels of experience, for developers of a high level of experience we consider an important skill to know and apply classical algorithms).

    The technical interview is held remotely: it will last up to 1 hour (audio call or chat, tasks completion using JavaScript, part of the tasks will be from the LeetCode website).

Middle React Front-end developer

    ITCraft invites Middle React Front-end developer to join the company.

  • Proficiency working with Front-end development. At least 2 years of commercial experience as a JavaScript front-end developer;
  • Comprehensive JavaScript development skills, including ECMAScript 6+ language features;
  • Strong experience with React.js. Thorough understanding of React.js and its principles;
  • Flux architecture (Redux implementation);
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools. Knowledge of common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, npm, etc.;
  • Experience using distributed version control systems, GIT preferred;
  • English is required for communicating with the customer.

Senior / Lead Python developer

    ITCraft invites Senior / Lead Python developer to join the company.
    Two words about the project: This is Social Community App - a large project that includes 3 platforms — 2 mobile (iOS / Android) and a Web interface.
    Each element in the system is built to scale to millions of users in a horizontal fashion within the cloud. This is expressed via each platform element. Development of new functionality, optimization system processes and architecture — the main tasks that face each member of the team.
    Required skills:
  • Strong development experience in Python / Node.JS;
  • Ability to multitask & manage time;
  • Ability to manage developers (in the future);
  • Experience with task estimation based on high-level requirements;
  • Strong knowledge of best practices for API driven development;
  • Strong knowledge of best practices for test driven development (TDD);
  • Strong knowledge of best practices for CI/CT/CD;
  • Strong knowledge of best practices for productionazing product / feature;
  • Strong knowledge of micro-service architecture (horizontal scalability of the SaaS);
  • Evidence in building / deploying and maintaining production SaaS;
  • At least intermediate level of English.

Linux system administrator

    ITCraft invites Linux system administrator to join our team.
  • At least 1 year of Linux experience;
  • Good skills in LAMP stack;
  • Hosting support experience (cPanel+WHM/ISPConfig);
  • Troubleshooting skills;
  • Scripting and automation skills;
  • DB administration knowledge;
  • Understanding of cloud technologies (Amazon, Cloudstack) will be a plus;
  • Intermediate written English.
  • Setup, manage and monitor servers and clusters;
  • Troubleshoot technical issues;
  • Communicate with clients;
  • Communicate with DCs and other services providers;
  • Optimize and automate everything;
  • Work closely with other administration and development departments;
  • Follow best practices of system administration.

PHP/JS Developer

    The friendly team of a language-learning product is looking for an experienced developer!
    The product exists for 7 years on the market. During that time, the team grew from one web-developer to three groups for Web, iOS и Android platforms.
    The product does not stand still. We implement different practices and technology. For instance, we switched to Symfony (https://symfony.com/doc/current/create_framework/index.html) and started working with React for the Web version.
    We have non-trivial and exciting tasks. The scale of work is growing, and we want to enhance the web development team.
    Every 2 weeks we deliver a new release. In this release, we pay attention to both new functionality and code refactoring.
    We offer comfortable working conditions in a team, flexible working schedule, and engaging tasks.
    If you made it to this paragraph, you might have got interested in something mentioned above.
    Let's not linger and check out the description of the stack and requirements.
  • Experience in web development using PHP, MySQL, HTML + CSS;
  • Experience with Symfony 3;
  • Knowledge of OOP, Patterns, SOLID, REST;
  • PSR understanding;
  • Experience with GIT;
  • Knowledge of JavaScript (ES5 / ES6);
  • Experience with React;
  • Twig;
  • Unit testing.
    Will be a plus:
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap framework;
  • Experience with Dust.js;
  • Experience with PhpSpec;
  • Experience with different API’s (e.q YouTube, Algolia etc);
  • Docker usage experience;
  • Experience in working within the Agile team;
  • Knowledge of different Amazon Web Services‎;
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery;
  • Knowledge of A/B testing.

Junior+ Ruby Developer

    ITCraft invites Junior+ Ruby Developer to join the company.
    The project is a new cloud-based, multi-platform software for municipalities. Using cloud-computing combined with the latest software development technologies, it allows users to stay connected and operate with greater efficiency and flexibility. It has a fully integrated GIS system, a module that allows users to track all activities, appointment calendar for scheduling of inspections, powerful console to view and interpret the municipality's data and many more other existing and planned features.
    What you will be doing:
    As a ruby developer you will help us to develop new features and extend existing functionality of the current project.
    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for a true enthusiastic developer. You need to be a good coder and quick learner. You believe that developing is not just work, it’s an art.

  • 0.5 - 1 year of experience in ruby development;
  • JS, HTML, CSS knowledge will be a plus;
  • Strong team player;
  • At least Pre-Intermediate English.

Junior Full Stack JavaScript Developer

    ITCraft invites Junior Full Stack JavaScript developer to join the company.
  • Experience with AngularJS, Angular, NodeJS at least 6 months;
  • JavaScript development skills, including ECMAScript 6+ language features;
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools: Babel, Webpack, npm;
  • Distributed version control systems, GIT preferred;
  • English language at the level of reading assignments and documentation.

Middle ASP.NET developer

    ITCraft invites Middle ASP.NET developer to join our team.
  • Experience in commercial development 2-5 years;
  • Back-end development using C#, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL 2012;
  • Front-end development: experience with Angular, Javascript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS;
  • Experience in jQuery;
  • Higher technical education;
  • Understanding and practical implementation of OOP principles and design patterns;
  • Ability to work with legacy code;
  • Intermediate English.
    Desired requirements:
  • Experience with .NET Core/ASP.NET Core (even a non-commercial experience will be a big plus);
  • Web development skills with HTML5, CSS3 and understanding CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS / SCSS etc.);
  • Experience in Web API 2, LINQ, SignalR, NuGET;
  • Experience with web services API integration (REST or SOAP);
  • Experience in development or optimization of heavy-load web applications.

Middle IOS developer

    Our company is looking for iOS developer.

    Our requirements:
  • Knowledge of the main OOP principles;
  • Experience with Swift (Objective-C, C++ are welcome);
  • Experience of programming using iPhone SDK, Xcode;
  • Experience of REST, Sockets;
  • Knowledge of development patterns;
  • Knowledge of Apple guidelines;
  • Work with Core Data;
  • Good knowledge of English.

    • Experience with following technologies are welcome:
    • Continuous integration;
    • Push Notifications;
    • Vector graphics;
    • Mathematics and algorithms.

Middle Android developer

    Our company is looking for Middle Android developer.

    Our requirements:
  • Good knowledge of the main OOP principles;
  • Good knowledge of Android SDK;
  • Experience of Google Play Services, Google Maps API;
  • Experience of REST, Sockets;
  • Knowledge of guidelines;
  • Knowledge of development patterns;
  • Good knowledge of English.

    • Experience with following technologies are welcome:
    • Experience of dependency injections;
    • Experience in unit testing.

UX/UI Designer

    ITCraft invites UX / UI web Designer to join our team. First of all we are looking for an UX designer who is also able to create UI for long lasting middle size projects and for enterprise projects.

  • Creation of UI from scratch for new web and mobile applications;
  • Creation of UX for the projects with large amount of forms, informations and interaction elements;
  • Wireframes creation;
  • Creation of landing pages design;
  • Support of the existing projects;
  • Preparation graphics for the site;
  • Small tasks related to raster and vector graphics processing.

  • Expert level knowledge in UX;
  • Experience in designing site’s interfaces at least 1.5 years;
  • Expert use of graphical editors (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator — using hotkeys designed structure of the layers / groups);
  • Be aware of the latest trends in web design;
  • Pre-intermediate English;
  • Portfolio with at least 3 completed works;
  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS coding.;

    Preferred qualifications:
  • Experience in multilingual design;
  • Cross-browser layout (responsive/adaptive is a must);
  • Experience of team work with developers;
  • Understanding of development process;
  • Understanding of technical features in design creation process;
  • Experience in creating icons, pixel graphic, infographic;
  • Art, artistic, technical and computer-technical education.

Symfony / Angular developer

    ITCraft invites Symfony / Angular developer to join the company.

  • professional knowledge of PHP7, SQL, HTML5+CSS3;
  • knowledge of OOP, Patterns, SOLID, REST;
  • experience with Symfony 3, awareness of its strengths and weaknesses;
  • basic knowledge of Angular;
  • strong knowledge of Git, experience in team work using one of Git branching models;
  • knowledge of MySQL 5.x (design, indexing, optimization);
  • knowledge of JavaScript (ES5/ ES6);
  • experience in SPA application development;
  • understanding and practical implementation of UI/UX principles;
  • experience with Linux systems;
  • experience with Unit testing;
  • experience with payment systems;
  • experience in optimization server response time;
  • experience in optimization page load speed;
  • experience with task estimation;
  • self-development and constant learning of new technologies;
  • experience in choosing technologies and architectural solutions based on comparative characteristics (arguments versus personal interest);
  • Bachelor's or Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences (or senior student);
  • written and spoken English: you should feel confident while working with requirements and documentation in English.
    Will be a plus (in addition to main requirements):
  • experience with Angular;
  • experience in services development with Node.js;
  • experience with Docker;
  • knowledge of Typescript;
  • experience with Redis;
  • experience in working within the Agile team;
  • experience with Amazon Web Services‎;
  • experience with Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery;
  • experience with web sockets and WebRTC;
  • knowledge of PSR;
  • understanding of micro services architecture.

Junior Recruiter

ITCraft invites a Junior Recruiter motivated to grow in recruitment field to join our friendly and professional team.

  • Active search of potential candidates using different sources and search techniques;
  • CVs screening according to vacancies requirements;
  • Various market analysis, researches, related reports;
  • Assisting in planning, organizing and conducting interviews;
  • Participating in job descriptions placement and other recruiting processes.

Skills and qualifications required:
  • Strong Web research skills;
  • Knowledge of programming technologies;
  • Basic understanding of full recruitment cycle;
  • Excellent time management and self-organizing skills;
  • Patient and attentive to details;
  • Understanding of psychology;
  • At least Intermediate level of English.

Please send full version of your resume with cover letter, so we’ll know that you read the job description carefully and consider the resume first.
    In the cover letter please focus on the next points:
    1) Why do you want to work as a Junior Recruiter?
    2) Which of your personal qualities fit this position requirements?

JavaScript developer

If you don’t even have working experience or you don’t know what to write in your CV, but you can write JavaScript code, we invite you to technical interview. The interview is held remotely via chat or Skype audio call.
    Minimal Requirements:
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML/CSS syntax;
  • Understanding of ReactJS;
  • Skills in using "yarn install", "yarn start", "yarn build";
  • Knowledge of Git;
  • Skills in Visual Studio Code or WebStorm / PhpStorm;
  • Ability to read the description of tasks in English, correct use of English in the source code (names of variables and functions, comments);
  • Problem solving: 3 easy, 2 medium ones from LeetCode website (at one of the interview stages you will have to solve the problem from this website).
    Additional points:
  • Knowledge of 3 algorithms for working with trees and graphs (binary tree search, depth-first search, breadth-first search);
  • Non-commercial JavaScript development experience;
  • Participation in open source projects.
    Please write if you have any of additional points from the list.
    The technical interview is held remotely: it will last up to 1 hour (audio call or chat, tasks completion using JavaScript, part of the tasks will be from the LeetCode website).
    Before sending your CV please solve any of the easy level tasks from LeetCode site.
Please save the link to the task on LeetCode and your solution on gist.github.com and send the link along with the CV.

Technical support engineer

    We are looking for Technical support engineer.

  • Communication with customers and end-users via E-Mail, Help-Desk (ticketing) systems and Instant Messengers;
  • Gathering and analyzing of details related to customers’ requests as well as comprehensive reporting back once request is accomplished;
  • Maintenance of highload and business-critical systems: web servers (shared and dedicated) database-, mail-, DNS- services and other supporting services; maintenance of clusters.

    Required skills and qualifications:
  • Writing English (Intermediate or higher);
  • Hands-on experience with PC;
  • Customer service orientation;
  • Basic knowledge of DNS and website work;
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP stack;
  • Troubleshooting skills.

    Following skills and qualifications will be to your BIG advantage:
  • Experience in support of customers and end-users;
  • Knowledge of web server control panels such as Plesk, WHM/cPanel, etc.;
  • Experience in scripting (bash, python, perl, etc.);
  • Experience in administration of Linux and Windows servers;
  • Apache, IIS, MySQL, MSSQL – how it works and how to configure it;
  • Strong understanding of web services work and experience in maintenance of web servers;
  • Experience in usage of monitoring systems (Nagios, Zabbix, etc.).

Junior DevOps Engineer

    We are looking for the new teammate who would like to dive into our projects and boost them with his knowledge and creativity. Our team consists of 5 engineers with different skill-set and backgrounds but with common intentions: explore, create, innovate.

  • Implement and manage continuous integration & delivery systems and methodologies;
  • Define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems;
  • Design, manage and maintain tools for processes automation;
  • Close collaboration with developers teams.

  • At least half a year experience on production-grade projects;
  • Experience with Ubuntu, CentOS Linux distros;
  • Scripting skills (Bash, Python, Perl... whatever you like);
  • Experience with Amazon AWS;
  • Experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Be eager to learn and don’t be scared of responsibility.

    Will be a plus:
  • Experience with CI/CD services such as Jenkins, CircleCI, AWS CodePipeline, etc;
  • Knowledge of HighAvaiability/HighLoad infrastructure maintenance and configuration;
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure or GCE.

QA Engineer

    ITCraft invites Manual QA Engineer to join the company.

  • At least 1 year of experience in web application testing;
  • Experience in regression testing;
  • Strong knowledge of testing approaches, techniques, methodologies and the software development lifecycle;
  • Good analytical skills and attention to details;
  • Being self-driven, flexible and able to work in a team or independently;
  • Good estimation skills;
  • Experience in technical documentation compiling: test scenarios, checklists, test cases;
  • Good writing and verbal skills in English.
    Desired requirements:
  • Experience in Performance/Load testing;
  • Experience in an Agile environment;
  • Experience in direct communication with clients;
  • Understanding of UI/UX;
  • Understanding and experience with API testing;
  • SQL skills.

JavaScript (ExtJS) Developer

    We invite ExtJS Developer to join our small friendly team to work on existing project. The main responsibility is maintaining the current functionality and adding a new one.

  • JavaScript development skills;
  • At least 2 years experience with ExtJS;
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS;
  • Experience with Git;
  • Verbal and written English (for communication with the customer and naming of functions, code commenting, etc.).

Javascript Full Stack developer (NodeJS + Angular)

    ITCraft invites Javascript Full Stack developer to join the company.

  • Understanding of OOP and standard patterns of development;
  • At least 1 year of commercial experience with JS;
  • Strong knowledge of Angular;
  • Experience in back-end development with NodeJS + Express;
  • Understanding of prototyping in JavaScript and standards of ES5/ES6;
  • Proficiency in SQL;
  • Knowledge of Git;
  • Understanding of Component-Based Design.

    Desired requirements:
  • Build systems: webpack preferred, gulp/grunt required;
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS / SCSS etc.);
  • Able to develop systems that meet architectural objectives including reusable, scalable code;
  • Ability to follow the timeline and meet deadlines;
  • Good writing and verbal skills in English.

Trainee iOS developer

    ITCraft invites for learning a purposeful and responsible developer to join the growing team to start a career in our company.

    Key responsibilities:
  • Participation in native mobile application development (Swift) with mentoring of experienced developers;
  • Ability and desire to learn quickly and constantly improve skills.

  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the main OOP principles;
  • Basic knowledge of Swift;
  • Understanding of REST API design principles;
  • At least pre-intermediate level of English.

    Additional requirements:
  • Knowledge of development patterns;
  • Experience with Core Data;
  • Experience with Alamofire, Google Places SDK, Fabric;
  • Understanding of procedures and algorithms.

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The main areas of our activities are:
  • Web-development
  • Mobile-development
  • Technical support


  • competitive salary according to the qualifications
  • comfort working environment
  • benefits package
  • flexible schedule
  • stable career and professional growth
  • talented and creative team
  • reimbursements for athletic activities
  • English trainings